The Blonds SS12

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a mix for urban witches; who breathe in smoke and exhaust and breathe out magic, who love the city like a familiar, whose veins are laced with starlight and nightshade and neon. [ l i s t en

i. la la la song - ahs: coven | ii.i put a spell on you - joss stone | iii. jag vet en dejlig rosa - robyn | iv. climbing up the walls - radiohead | v. where the boats go - M83 | vi. ash tree lane - MS MR | vii. custom car crash - calla | viii. moon and moon - bat for lashes | ix. seekir - zola jesus | x. alone in kyoto - air | xi. house of the rising sun - lauren o’connell | xii. gallows - cocorosie | xiii. cosmic love (acoustic) - florence + the machine | xiv. child i will hurt you - crystal castles | xv. cry little sister - gerard mcmann | xvi. walking on air - kerli | xvii. in the room where you sleep - dead man’s bones | xviii. sam - massive attack 

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post allergy skin test. by Katherine Squier

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Hermès Spring 2010

sport outfit looks

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Some people,
no matter what you give them,
still want the moon.

The bread,
the salt,
white meat and dark,
still hungry.

The marriage bed
and the cradle,
still empty arms.

You give them land,
their own earth under their feet,
still they take to the roads.

And water: dig them the deepest well,
still it’s not deep enough
to drink the moon from.


—Denise Levertov, Adam’s Complaint (via hellanne)

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(by Dal Nunes)

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"I am malicious because I am miserable. Am I not shunned and hated by all mankind? You, my creator, would tear me to pieces, and triumph; remember that, and tell me why I should pity man more than he pities me?"

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june july august // it has been found again. what? – eternity. it is the sea mingled with the sun. i am longing to be with you, and by the sea, where we can talk together freely and build our castles in the air. 

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7 Ingredient vegan cheesecakes / Recipe

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